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Going like sixty Eve attended miss sixty's show thursday in a sweater dress and boots and performed some of her old hits at the afterparty.To prepare her look, she browsed racks of frocks and rows of boots from the fall 2007 line, on display in a cavernous fitting room a few days before. In a pencil skirt and red alexander mcqueen stilettos, the actress/rapper checked out a geometricprint flowing dress, velvet pants and then a soft purple leather minidress. ("So cute, so beautiful,"She says. ) As for fashion in general, she says,"I love it.I'm obsessed. "She tries to hit one show each time click here to see more info manhattan's biannual clothing extravaganza rolls around. Her performance at miss sixty's postcatwalk bash marks her first time entertaining.Although her next album, here i am, is out this spring, she opted for performing old songs, including who's that girl?And let me blow ya mind. She partnered with miss sixty because"It's a clothing line i actually wear.It's really funky.Cosmetics, works with stylist kate young but says she's"One million percent"Involved in fashioning her own looks. Here's her clothing Louis Vuitton Scarves coda: Elegant and Louis Vuitton Bags feminine. "Now that i'm older, i have different rules.I like highwaisted things.I like formfitting, as long as it's not busting at the seams.My fashion sense has gotten more refined and womanly. " Garish patterns. "I don't really try to do much with colors unless it's a certain kind of silhouette. " Get too flamboyant(Like she did when she was younger). "I bought a yellow mink, and now that i Louis Vuitton Bags Sale look back on it, i was big bird.I was so young!But i'm keeping it forever. " Skyhigh. "I'm obsessed with high heels. " To designers who know your build. "Dolce gabbana, because of corseted dresses and stretchy material.Louis vuitton bags, shoes, scarves.And i've become a great fan of zac posen.He knows a woman's body and gets it;He's so elegant and funky. "