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Emerson india open to more acquisitions Emerson india, part of the diversified $24.2billion revenue Emerson corporation of the US, expects to hit the $1billion revenue mark much ahead of its initial expectations.The company, which provides energy efficiency, climate and infrastructure management solutions, closed 2011 with revenues of $700 million revenue in india.It has grown rapidly in india by stepping up its own business and network and also by making some acquisitions.Are Cocktail Dresses open to more acquisitions in india that help us address any gaps in the solutions we provide or are natural extensions of what we offer, pradipta sen, president of emerson india, africa, west asia, said.In an exclusive interaction with business line, he outlined the key areas of focus for the company, to address a market rated amongst its top five markets in the world along with china. The company provides energyefficient solutions that have a wide range of applications in sectors such as oil and gas, power, alternative fuels and clean coal projects.The company innovative products help some of the largest energy consuming sectors in the country in their use of energy more responsibly.In most of the large data centres that power banking, financial services, insurance, emerson works by helping in design to maintenance and managing them efficiently.The solutions span process management, industrial automation and climate technologies. There are many opportunities in india.There is huge infrastructure opportunity where power, oil and gas, electricity generation, data centres are key areas.Emerson is engaged with datacraft in six of their data centres.The process management has had successful partnership with ntpc with recent example of ntpc simhadri. Emerson climate technologies is instrumental in contributing to cold storage and transportation of food.There is a lot of potential in cold storage and refrigeration area, both mobile and static.There is growth in refrigeration and commercial demand due to food chain growth. In what areas does emerson collaborate Mother of the Bride Dresses this page with bureau of energy efficiency(Bee)? Bee partnered with emerson climate technologies and international copper promotion council(India)To start several initiatives to educate the market on the benefits of star labelling.Emerson also supports bee national education programme on star Wedding labelling for airconditioners. The key focus is to ensure that emerson customers better manage energy efficiency.In the airconditioning industry, we have introduced copeland scroll compressors in the indian residential ac market, to provide optimum energy savings and comply with the highest star rating.This technology is useful for commercial and residential segments.These compressors are being widely used by major original equipment manufacturers. We work with bluestar, carrier, hitachi and lg.Apart from this, emerson is engaged with large establishments such as stadiums and hospitals to make them energy efficient. You had mentioned about acquisitions in the past, are you planning any in india? We have made quite a few acquisitions in india in the past.We are always open to considering acquisitions that are aligned to our business strategy.Historically, we started in the country with joint ventures.Acquisitions are to get Bridesmaid Dresses Australia into markets and product lines where we want to be in, which seem like natural extensions of our product lines.The companies we acquire get access to a global network and benefit from out scale of presence and we get access to the product line. We have had 20 per cent growth in the past yearonyear, and are looking at doubledigit growth in the future too.India is one of the top five fastestgrowing markets for emerson in the world.We had drawn plans to achieve $1 billion in sales.The demand is strong for infrastructure in india across segments.The hockey stick curve like growth is bound to happen in india.The manufacturing capacity will increase, investments are being done in a positive manner, and there are new technology partnerships happening every day.I am every optimistic about indian opportunity. (This article was published on december 8, 2012).